Are you tired of the choking, tanking, anger, burnout and anxiety?

CAP is the first comprehensive program that provides mental training for Coaches, Athletes and Parents - all online and at one affordable price! When all 3 groups engage in mental training, research shows that coaches are more effective, athletes perform better and parents make a much more positive impact.

Learn the mental skills necessary to develop confidence, get in the zone, handle emotions and thrive under pressure. Instead of waiting for mental problems to start, you can now strengthen mental skills in advance of adversity.

What others are saying about the MTI CAP Program :

"This is an excellent course.  I learned so much. This course gave me a structured plan to implement which may help ease the anxiety felt by coaches, players and parents. Thank you so much for putting together such an invaluable tool that anyone can use."

- M Alcott, USPTA, Houston, TX

"...Certified Mental Coach is the best course that I have ever taken. I am learning as much from the interaction as I am from the course material. It is nice to see that the challenges that I face aren't that different from what others are facing. Enjoy!!!"

- S Schkades, Frisco, TX

ParentsParent Mental Trainer® helped us understand how our support needs to adapt to the changing environments in which our son trains and competes. Because of this program, not only have the interactions we have within our family improved, but our conversations with coaches have been more productive and most importantly, the relationship between the athlete and coach has strengthened."

- Aaron & Debbie Roby, Jacksonville, FL

“My sincere respect and appreciation for the faculty of the CMC Course, for making the “mental component” of the coaching puzzle so accessible. With this well designed, in-depth and user friendly on-line curriculum I was able to study at my own pace and pass the final test successfully.

After exploring technique, strategy and fitness, I strongly believe that many athletes are now becoming more, and more, open to learning and implementing mental skills. For coaches, who take pride in providing their students with the best and most current information, the CMC course is a great starting point”.

Hans Romer - Certified Mental CoachHans Römer - USPTA Master Professional 
PTR 5A National Tester/Clinician | US Correspondent “Tennisjournaal”
Sony Ericsson 2010 Media Tournament Champion | Professional Speaker,CMC �?Certified

Program Description: CAP includes 3 distinct programs

1. Certified Mental Coach (CMC): Online course that teaches coaches how to integrate mental training with their team. Written for MTI by one of the top sport psychology researchers in the world, Dr. Robert Weinberg, coaches learn how different athletes are motivated and how to work with them to achieve best results, reduce pre-game anxiety, enhance focus despite outside distractions, healthy discipline, and much more.

2. Mobile Mental Trainer (MentalApp): Athletes get a mental training program to guide them throughout the year. MentalApp is designed for mobile devices. It includes the best mental training information, is taught by experts using short videos, and enables coaches to track and support their athletes.

3. Parent Mental Trainer (PMT): Online course that teaches parents ideal support roles & emotion control. PMT was written for MTI by the leading sport researchers in the world, Drs. Larry Lauer and Dan Gould at the Youth Sport Institute at Michigan State University.

Your CAP Mental Training Program Includes:

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Mental Training Inc. (MTI) Background

MTI was founded in 2006 by Dr. Robert Neff. Dr. Neff is a Certified Mental Trainer®, listed on the US Olympic Committee's Sport Psychology Registry, is AASP certified and has a Ph.D in Sport Psychology from Michigan State. He was a Division 1 college scholarship player who competed and coached professionally for over 10 years. MTI’s primary mission is to offer quality, affordable mental training to coaches, athletes & parents world-wide.